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EAS is your direct source for all your water, coffee, and paper products needs for the home and office

It's as easy as EAS

With our exclusive, state-of-the-art technology, we are able to deliver time-saving cost effective ways to bring refreshments to the home and workplace with exceptional customer service.

We are confident that you will find our customer service to be nothing less than exceptional as we have over 25 years of experience in the spring water and coffee markets. To prove this, placing an order just takes seconds.

From monthly to bi-weekly deliveries and free emergency calls, we can accommodate anyone's schedule. You can select our automatic delivery service, place an order online or even stop by our wholesale warehouse to take advantage of the savings. To make our services even more accessible, you can manage your own account and pay your bill online with our online "no-hassle" billing statements. We also accept any major credit card, COD's, money orders, and personal or business checks.

After becoming an acknowledged member of our EAS family, we assure that you will be treated as a person and not as an account number. EAS is set up as a family oriented environment and we will take the time to speak with you personally on any issue you may have.

With this said, I would like to personally say, "Thank you" for talking the time to learn more about EAS and how we can solve all of your water, coffee, paper product needs for your home and office. My family and I have worked very hard over the years to make sure that our prices are more competitive and that our services are beyond industry standards. We look forward to doing business with you. Sincerely,

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  • Jonathon K.
    As the manager for Accounts Purchasing, our company is always interested in working with other companies that are very dedicated to our community. We have noticed EAS at many of our community’s functions and decided after a brief conversation, our company decided to switch providers. We gave EAS the opportunity to serve our office buildings and factory that is staffed with over 200 employees and all we can say is, “Thank You”
    Jonathon K.
  • Kathy C.
    We just moved into the neighborhood and were looking for a spring water provider for our home. We googled spring water service providers and there was a list of companies to choose from. My husband and I chose EAS because we noticed that they were a local family owned company and we’re big supporters on working with the community
    Kathy C.
  • Susan B.
    I’am a property manager for a major corporate facility located in a busy business district. Our company selects a spring water and coffee provider for all 19 companies located in our corporate office building. We chose EAS because of their dedication and experienced staff in the spring water and coffee industry. They have a large staff and quick response time to handle the needs of our clients in our building. We have a short period of time a truck can be parked for delivery and EAS makes sure to get in and out quickly so that our day is not interrupted...
    Susan B.
    Property Manager
  • William G.
    Your services are better than imagined. We were a little leery because we never heard of your company before but we decided to give you a shot and my wife and I are happy that we did. We switched from one of the nationally known companies and the savings that we received from switching to EAS was well more than we expected…
    William G.

Our Spring Water Source

The water source is Indian Trails Mountain Spring, located in north central Pennsylvania. Our mountain spring water does not see the “light of day” until it reaches the bottle, ensuring that you are receiving a quality product.

The natural spring produces in excess of ten million gallons of spring water every day, at a constant temperature of 47 degrees year round regardless of surface temperatures. The majority of the water feeds into a twenty-five acre pond, with only a small fraction of the water being captured.

The water that is captured is filtered multiple times at the spring, with the final filtration being one micron. In addition to filtration, the water is ozonated, which serves to sterilize both the water and everything it touches. After being transported to our water bottling plant in a dedicated 6,000-gallon spring water tanker, the water is ozonated once again prior to going into a bottle.

All bottles that come into our water bottling plant are given a sniff test, followed by a cycle through our bottle washer. The bottle washer uses a specialty biodegradable soap, and the final rinse uses ozonated water to ensure that each and every bottle is sterilized before being filled. The bottles travel from washer into the filling room where they are filled and capped.

During the hot months of the summer we sell over 100,000 gallons of water per day. Our goal is to provide our valued customers with water that is as clean, pure, and delicious in a bottle as when it is offered up from beneath the mountains. Our many years of business and many satisfied customers suggest that we are achieving that goal.

Spring Water Pumphouse
Inside the pumphouse
Winter View
Outside View