Water, Coffee, Paper Delivery Services

EAS is your direct source for all your water, coffee, and paper products needs for the home and office

With countless truck routes on the northeast coast, we are able to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.
Dedicated route salesman will be personally assigned to your account with options of having weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule to ensure regular, automatic deliveries.
Emergency deliveries are available within 24 hours.
Service and maintenance on all rented equipment is also free of charge. Additional fee for cleaning rental machines

Spring Water and Distilled Water

Our options meet all of your refreshment needs and range from 3 & 5 gallon bottles as well as multi-pack cases of single-serve bottles. With our mixed variety of spring water and distilled water products, we meet all specific needs for your home and office. Choose from a variety of water dispensers to match your lifestyle and to serve hot and cold beverages instantly!


Whether you start your morning with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or an espresso shot to get you through the rest of the day, EAS has you covered. From single cup brewers for the home to full commercial coffee service for the office, we have the perfect set-up for any home or office size. With a wide range of different coffee flavors to an infinite selection of creamers and sugars, we have your taste-buds down to a science. Our full-service coffee stations make sure that everyone has their unique cup of coffee. Along with our large selection of gourmet coffees we also supply fresh hot and cold teas, hot cocoa mixes, and a large selection of gourmet coffee we also supply fresh hot and cod teas, hot cocoa mixes, and a large selection of cappuccino and espressos. Already have our water products delivered to your home or office? You’ll still receive the same delivery expectations that you would come to expect from all of your other services.


From paper cups, to foam cups, to all the condiments that go along into making your unique cup of choice, EAS has everything to statisfy your needs.


We specialize in custom filtration and purfication water coolers for the home and office. With State-of-the-Art equipment, our systems will ensure high quality purified water.

Wholesale warehouse

Stop in at our Wholesale warehouse for daily specials on many items each day. See below for directions and further information!

Custom Label

Are you looking to publicize your business or special event in a unique way? Our custom labeled bottled water will help you promote:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate events
  • Fund raising
  • Hospitality
  • Spas and salons
  • Health clubs
  • Professional offices
  • Retail and food service

Your very own personalized bottle of spring water is more affordable than you think! We have a dedicated team of graphic designers and our very own marketing team to help you with bottle size, cap type, quantity, and the overall look of your customized label to keep the cost below our competitors by eliminating extra steps.


  • We can offer Special Billing for your location on a biweekly or monthly basis. We offer consolidated billing with one itemized invoice that can include all services combined as well as subsidiary accounts.
  • Option of paying by Cash, Check, or Money Order.
  • Option of paying by credit card – Visa, Master Card, or Amex.
  • We also give you the option of paying COD. (Special Request)
  • We are happy to provide these services at no extra cost to you.
  • Because of our concern with the environment, EAS is going green. By helping you consolidate your water and coffee services all onto one bill, you will save paper, and save time by eliminating multiple vendors and deliveries.

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